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Technical Support

August 6, 2020 Update

Mastering The Bluebook® Interactive Exercises 2020-21 Edition has been updated to match the new 21st edition of The Bluebook. Test questions will be available by next Friday, August 14.

Instructors: You may now create classes for the new 2020-21 edition. Classes created by August 7th will be on the previous year.

If you are an instructor click here to request a complimentary copy of the new edition of Understanding and Mastering The Bluebook.


Citation skills can only be acquired through practice. Mastering The Bluebook® Interactive Exercises 2020-21 Edition (MBIE) is designed to help law, pre-law, and paralegal students master legal citation through a series of interactive exercises.

This program features a series of exercises organized by topic, which progress from basic citation forms through more advanced citation rules. Immediate feedback is provided for every exercise question, with errors highlighted, full explanations provided, and Bluebook rules cross-referenced.

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